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This study is on designated schoolwork’s that have reconnoitered efforts to endorse visual/construal, writing/recording, and listening/speaking aspect of engineering component designing operatives in the universities, polytechnics and colleges of education particularly amongst the Agricultural Engineering learners using observation method. These schoolworks let slip enhancements in participants’ abilities to use mnemonic visuals, static visuals and notebooks strategies approach to argue their findings, as well as statistically significant enhancement in their problem-solving skills. Optimistic findings of these schoolwork’s, and the call for responsiveness to be remunerated to the crucial sense of engineering component designing operatives by an integer of international scientists, resulted in the development of a visual/construal (mnemonic visuals) learning strategies approach. This tactic not only unambiguously includes classroom/workshop dialogue, verifications and report writing strategies to learn engineering operatives, but also provides instructors with ideas and techniques to stimulate their learners to develop their own visual-memo’s, inquiry queries, plan and execute some successful maniplo-spatial activities, investigable in the classroom, and present their findings to a reliable audience. It also revealed that in Nigeria, the use of instructional language (English) often results in conservative and teacher-centered teaching ways and means. It is recommended that the overlays influence of both language of instruction and the social resource need to be taken into account if we are to meet a goal of developing scientific literacy for all.

Authors : Otobo, A. O. A. and Arku, A. Y.

Category : Open Access     Volume (Issue) : 7(2)     Date Uploaded : 25th February 2022

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