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Ziziphus Spina Christi is an important plant whose different parts are used for various kind of medication against bacterial and fungal pathogens. It is used to treat burns, stomach discomfort and urinary infections. The leaves are used for treatment of sores, skin diseases, pulmonary ailments, fever, dysentery and therapeutics of new wounds. The fruits are edible and the leaves are used as fodder crops for animals. The seed also contains oil which could be used for various purposes. However, for large scale processing of ziziphus spina christi there is need to investigate the mechanical properties of the seeds to enable engineers and processors use it for development of processing or oil expression machine. Therefore, this research work investigated the mechanical properties of ziziphus spina christi seed at four moisture levels 10.1, 10.5, 11.9 and 13.4 % mc (w.b). Testometric materials testing machine was used to carry out a compression test on the seeds. The maximum forces at break for the four moisture levels were found to be 927.3N, 1124.2N, 1143.6N and 1233.8N respectively. The maximum deformations at peak for the four moisture levels were 1.858mm, 2.093mm, 4.025mm, and 1.262mm respectively. The maximum strain at break for the four moisture levels were 17.05, 40.25, 20.93 and 20.64 (%) respectively. The maximum energy to break the seed at the four moisture levels was 0.541, 0.852, 1.162, and 0.712 (N.m) respectively. And the maximum rupture energy was 0.95Nm, 2.28Nm, 1.18Nm and 0.86Nm respectively. While hardness ranged from 499.09N/mm, 537.12N/mm, 280.84N/mm and 803.26N/mm respectively. It was found out that the higher the moisture content of the seed the higher the force and energy required for breakage. It was recommended that to break the seeds at minimum force and energy the product should be adequately dried (least moisture content).

Authors : Tashiwa, Y. I., Paul, P. E., Genesis, I. and Kadafa, M. K.

Category : Open Access     Volume (Issue) : 7(1)     Date Uploaded : 14th June 2021

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