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The needs of higher performance of electronic gadgets are progressively expected day in day out. In order to satisfy these needs and expectations, an exponential technology scaling had been done in metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor MOSFET. The research investigated the scholars view in the field of silicon nanowire transistor (SiNWT) using qualitative approach in term of the method of fabrication, shape of the SiNWT, and scaling. The application of the SiNWT is also reviewed. In general, there are two major fabrication methods of Silicon Nanowire; Top-down approach and Bottom-up approach. Additionally, the shape of nanowire also plays a great role in the performance of the silicon nanowire. The shapes are circular rectangular, triangular, semi-cylindrical and cylindrical cross sections. A triangular shaped cross section SiNW FET having 300 nm channel length was designed and its short channel effects was described. For the fair comparison with previous works, the SCE parameters such as DIBL, ION/IOFF and SS were chosen. Moreover, due to tri-gate FET association with the corner effect which lead to high current leakage, which if not properly address would limit the potentials of the FET. In order to tackle the challenge, many effort has been made to minimize these effects, it is found that Rounding off the corner effect seem to be the best method to reduce the current leakage due to corner effect and enhanced device reliability. Semi-cylindrical silicon nanowire with both a short channel length of 65 nm and improved current leakage due to corner effect with slightly increase in DIBL is recommended among them. Moreover, the down scaling of silicon nanowire contributed a lot to the enhancement of the SiNW performance. Even though, further scaling to less than 7nm proof less effective, but Gate all around silicon nanowire promise a bright future for silicon nanowire Scaling.

Authors : Ndottiwa, A.M., Joda, B. and Yahya, K.A.

Category : Open Access     Volume (Issue) : 7(1)     Date Uploaded : 4th July 2021

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